Lyaness is the flagship bar from the award-winning Mr Lyan and his team, set within the iconic Sea Containers London. Awarded World’s Best Bar & Best International Hotel Bar at Tales of Cocktail Spirited Award.

About Lyaness

Welcome to Lyaness, where cutting-edge creativity and exemplary service meet great vibes and killer drinks, from the mind of multi-award-winning Ryan Chetiyawardana AKA Mr Lyan (“The World’s Most Awarded Bartender” The Telegraph; International Bartender of the Year 2015, Most Influential Britons 2017, Personality of the Decade 2017) and the team behind the iconic Mr Lyan Studio, Silver Lyan, Super Lyan, Cub, Dandelyan and Seed Library.

The ever-curious Team Lyan has always had an interest in new and different ingredients and an ability to make unusual, alien, and sometimes outright weird produce and products extra delicious. Sometimes we work with like-minded people within (and outside of) the booze world, but our embrace of the alternative sees us also research, explore, and experiment with our own team - creating and making things that have never been tasted before! Our menu is sectioned around ingredients instead of cocktails; it can be surprising and unexpected, but the Lyaness team can connect you to your ideal drink based on your tastes and preferences.

The Space: By reimagining the iconic space that we call home, overlooking the Thames along Southbank London, we’ve created a cocktail bar that goes beyond the simple focus of what’s in your glass. Comfortable and fun, with different spaces that can accommodate private settings through to bigger social occasions alongside date nights and mate nights, Lyaness has been designed by Jacu Strauss and the Lore Design Team. The signature electric blue colour palette is complemented by the original green marble bar of Dandelyan. Please note that we operate an over 18s policy from 5pm. We will however accept in-house guests who are 16+ as long as they are accompanied by an adult. No alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 18. We recommend booking in advance, but walk-ins are always welcome subject to availability.



A demonstration of our cocktail approach – blending storytelling and flavour to give you more layers to engage with; each with an aim to carry the signature Lyan balance of fun, clarity and deliciousness.


Doc Americano

Tanqueray 10, Carrot Vermouth, Campari, honey soda

A floral style Americano that harks to the complexity of carrot flavours that can be developed when you apply some care – including pulling floral rather than earthy notes, or how we can ‘winter’ carrots to bring out their sweetness; a nod to how we often put a lot of efforts into preserving our fave flavours in the face of a difficult situation. From smuggling corned beef sandwiches into space, to Samuel Pepys burying wheels of Parmesan during the Great Fire of London, we’ve come up with great ways to keep hold of the flavours we love – even when faced with totally new situations.


Safety Frappé

Hendrick’s Gin, Shiso Absinthe, mint, anise, Peach Wine

Old Wives’ Tales often have some grounding, and if not, they can certainly generate a lot of nostalgia. There were heaps of examples born from food safety concerns becoming ceremonies – wasabi was thought to ward off any troublesome effects of raw fish, or for another fishy tale, the use of lemon juice to dissolve any wayward bones – until people realised it just made things more delicious. This cooling, aromatic & herbal julep showcases how anise can be way more nuanced than as a simple candy.


Goose & Gander #4

Grey Goose, Szechuan Sauce, soda

Ridiculous circumstances can create some of our favourite foods, and sometimes basic emotions – like spite – can play a role. Getting annoyed with a customer’s request for crispier potatoes, an inhospitable chef sliced them exxxtra thin and deep fried them – hoping to end a back-and-forth with an iron fist, but unexpectedly elicited much love, and the creation of crisps. Even pop culture can spur the (re)creation of something much loved as this very clean, aromatic vodka soda demonstrates; what it says on the tin!

£16 / £8.5 boozeless

Frisbee Fix

Diplomatico Planas, Pie Wine, passionfruit, lime, aperitif

We’re told not to play with our food, but like with this zesty and tropical sour, sometimes it’s just too damn fun. This was the origin of the frisbee; having snarfed the goodies from the local Bridgeport Frisbie Pie Co., 1940s Yale students would fling around the UFO-shaped tins, yelling ‘Frisbie’ to avoid any collisions with an unsuspecting passerby.


Vampire Fizz

Don Julio blanco, Enriched Chicha, persimmon, Empirical Plum, lemon, soda

A fluffy tequila fizz that balances zestiness, nuttiness and tropical flavours, and celebrates transformed ingredients. A lesson of hubris by Meso-American colonists where they ignored indigenous knowledge and nutritional insight surrounding local crops, and notably, the practice of nixtamalization. As a result, many developed pellagra – and subsequently a pale, demented demeanour and an aversion to sunlight – and gave birth to the many myths and legends surrounding vampires.


Unfiltered Martini

Boatyard Vodka, really great potato

Are we puppets guided by our microbiome, or are we in charge of our cravings? The dominance of these symbiotic creatures has come into more and more debate of late, with the eerie worry that we are less in control of our preferences than we might hope. But yet, we’re not just zombies chasing carbs and sugar – and what if these macro-nutrients could be way more? A weighty and rich, boozy, classic Martini, made in the most bonkers manner. Kinda the perfect exploration of the simplistic complexity that makes this drink so beguiling.


Diamante Swizzle

Fords Gin, Tattie Gold, apricot, Champagne

A stone fruit, rich swizzle underpinned by botanicals and the zestiness of Champagne. Why? Potatoes were seen as valueless (and poisonous!) despite them being hugely nutritious – even many years after their first trip across from South America – but with some ingenuity, a grower turned things around with one of the first PR stunts. By ‘protecting’ the crops with armed guards he made them seem like an extra-fancy resource. Of course, they were then stolen, eaten, and propagated all over the continent. Married with a host of other fancy goodness, we celebrate the richness a tattie can bring.


Forbidden Cola

Rabbit Hole Bourbon, Magazake, citrus zest, Cornflake Liqueur, soda

Old Mr Kellogg was not a great dude. And his prized, and most popular, creation was not born out of love – it was kinda the opposite. Cornflakes were created as a puritanical anti-masturbatory food (lol), yet the nutrition they provided to so many breakfast tables spurred a much more active lifestyle across the world. There’s a whole host of foods with problematic origins that thankfully get wrestled from their intended applications. A zesty, aromatic whiskey highball with a real strong nostalgia.

£16.5 / £8.5 boozeless

Context Club

Patrón silver, Cherry “Blossom” aperitif, verjus

When we recontextualise foods, we lose a connection to something very close to us. Given that food is such a grounding connection for us all, when we shove nostalgic flavours into unrelated categories – hello Prosecco Candle! – we get things that feel strangely alien. This bright, lightly-bittersweet, gimlet explores the fun of language, and ‘adjacent’ flavours – without getting confected.


Cheat Code

Reyka, Crystal Almond, Toast Liqueur, orange bitters

Deliciousness guides so many of our choices, and we get very inventive when we need to find a shortcut to these favourite flavours when they’re unavailable for whatever reason; think jell-o shots when ‘drinking’ of liquor wasn’t allowed, or here in this dry, nutty sipper, the use of nuts to replace creaminess when dairy was off the table during Lent. Loopholes, baby!


Recipe Ramos

Stauning Rye, Rice-Cream, smoked coconut, aquavit, citrus, elderberry bitters

We see patterns everywhere, and often within the things that are most fundamental to our survival – sleep, sex, faces, food... This principle applies to things that aren’t even real too as this layered, soft fizz demonstrates – inspired by, of all things, the green matrix code. This was initially designed as a random cascade of an imaginary language, until it was found that we would only ‘accept’ it when it followed a logical pattern. So the designer turned to a nearby book, and copied sushi recipes into the falling pictograms. How very meta.

£17 / £9 boozeless

Faux Fruit Sour

The Lakes Whisky, Peated Parsnip Amazake, pineapple, sloe

War tends to mess up a lot of things – well, kinda everything – and one of the first things to suffer is food, and joy is quick to follow. WW2 of course disrupted trade, and bananas – the UK’s favourite fruit, and the key to so many kids’ sandwiches – was one of the first to fall, so inventive parents used local parsnips to replicate the creamy richness, and supplemented it with flavourings to spark some joy back into a grim situation. We mirrored this in a fluffy sour, but looked to see how we could eke much more authentic tropical notes from the humble parsnip.

£16.5 / £8.5 boozeless

Kentakki Fried Cocktail

The Macallan 12 Double Cask, Japanese herbs and spices, citrus

A complex, spiced, whisky sour(ish) with layers of
rich whisky – influenced by the unexpected pairing of Japanese ingredients, and the magically humble fried chicken. Sometimes food traditions find an unexpected footing and spread in their impact – despite not being a national holiday, on the 25th December it is traditional for Japanese families to gather round the table and celebrate the value of human connection – over a bucket of KFC – so successful, that the day now accounts for a third of annual sales.


Golden Guide

Roku Gin, heartwood bitters, Goose Fig, Cocchi di Torino

Biomimicry makes a lot of sense; nature has had millions of permutations to test new designs, so why not copy this? Of course we use lots of animal products – shuttlecocks utilise goose feather to fly well, but only from the left wing else they spin the wrong way – but often nature’s hand is felt in ways of solving food dilemmas, or removing reliance on an animal intermediary as this rich, elegant hug demonstrates; how to get vanilla without orchid bees, or figs without parasitic wasps.


Royale Old Fashioned

Teeling Whiskey, Mallow Root, tropical bitters

An Old Fashioned pulling the tropical creamy notes from some Irish single malt and nodding to one of the world’s oldest confectioneries – dating back some 4000 years. Made from boiling down the root sap of a herb native to European marshes (if you hadn’t guessed) and sweetening, they were originally the reserve of gods and royalty – but like with all hallowed food, they quickly become commonplace, with some key innovations to make them more widely available.


Special Editions

The Score

Belvedere 10, champagne, grade A maple, maldon, olive oil

A celebration of a very rare spirit – something we don't often think about with vodka – and an embrace of Polish Vodka's traditions of eschewing any additives, oils, flavourings or sugar (unlike some famous glycerine-laced brands from other countries). A single field of double diamond rye from a longterm partner farmer of the distillery, from a single harvest, distilled and then rested to mellow over 10 months. In celebration, we combine this with other rare, single origin ingredients – Champagne in lieu of vermouth to add brightness and zest alongside white flower notes, true Canadian maple syrup to add chocolatey umami notes, sea salt to temper the richness and a single estate olive oil to add a final aromatic. Rich, layered and complex – a crisp Vodka Martini masquerading in old fashioned territory.


Single Blend Beeswax Old Fashioned

Thompson Bros. Sutherland distilleries single cask vatting, bitters, single-hive beeswax suga

A play on one of the original Lyan signature drinks – this time wrapped around an incredibly special Scotch. Using the classical play of an old fashioned to open out the spirit with water, sugar and bitters alongside our historic application of beeswax to build aroma and body, this version uses beeswax from a single hive courtesy of our friends at Bermondsey Bees. Rich with aromas of handmade candle made in a meadow, this is the perfect compliment to the famous distilleries of Sutherland – the waxy richness marrying with the ultra rare tropical notes of Dornoch Distillery's own casks. A layered old fashioned that does justice to the rarity of the ingredients, yet somehow still creating something greater than the sum of its parts. 


Koji Hardshake

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, miso, koji and cream sugar, lemon

Taking one of the most iconic serves that launched in this building and levelling it up with a rare blended Scotch whisky. We love blended Scotch, and using this famous marque from the House of Walker allows the complexity of this drink to really shine – rich spice, ethereal smoke and over-ripe orchard fruits get combined in a whisky sour that manages to tow the line between fat boy and bright. Originally designed to use koji to bring a floral lift to the drink, we've refined this over the years to have the perfect balance between rich, bright, indulgent and moreish. 


To Share

English Coastal Oysters (each)

black currant mignonette


Blistered Peppers

paprika (vg,gf)


BBQ Aubergine Tacos

mango salsa, pickled onion (vg,gf)


Seabass Ceviche Tacos

red onion salsa, coriander (gf)


Jerk Mushroom Buns

cabbage slaw (v)


Four Cheese Croquettes

jalapeño mayo (v)


Popcorn Buffalo Chicken

pickled celery (gf)


Beef Hot Dogs

sweet pickle, yellow mustard


Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

chocolate (v)


Bar Bites

Nocellara Olives (gf,vg)


Cambrook Nuts (vg,n)


Cheddar & Onion Crackling (vg)



old bay mayonnaise (v,gf)


Tater Tots

buttermilk ranch (v, gf)


Two snacks and two drinks for £30

v (vegetarian) | vg (vegan) | gf (gluten free)

Drinks | £12

BFI Bellini

Tapatio blanco tequila, citrus, rhubarb bubbles

Globe Negroni

Campari, botanical Aperol, gooseberry vermouth

Daisy Daisy

Grey Goose vodka, green apple, lemon, flower show tea

Tate Shandy

Compass Box Orchard House whisky, double citrus, hop kombucha

Borough Nut Spritz

Beefeater gin, pear, rose & pistachio, bubbles

Food | £7

English Coastal Oyster (gf)

Black Currant Mignonette 

Space Raider Devilled Eggs (v)

Vegetable Crudite (vg) (gf)

Beetroot Hummus 

Olive & Cheese Breadsticks (v)

Pan con Tomate (vg)


Sunday Lyan Series

Sunday Lyan is a way for us to work with our pals and super inspiring people from around the world on new ideas, exciting products and industry gems. Hosted in collaboration with our ingredient-obsessed mixer pals Fever-Tree, these nights are a chance to try something different (from our team, and other bars!), get a preview of new flavours to come, or taste something necessarily small batch. Join us for unique (one-night-only) cocktails, hip-hop music, and a team of world-class bar professionals. 

Perfect Afternoons

As the days get longer, brighter, and warmer, the Southbank gets busier. We’re lucky to be within walking distance of so many iconic London cultural institutions — Tate Modern, the Hayward, BFI, National Theatre — all of which have influenced “Perfect Afternoons” — the new weekend menu at award-winning Lyaness, that encourages you to take time to pause, connect, and indulge.

Lyaness presents Sunday Lyan x The Hideout

Sunday 28 July

For our July Sunday Lyan, we’re joined by George, Louis, and Dan of The Hideout, Bath, in partnership with our collaborators at Fever-Tree.

Drawing inspiration from the lawless thieves, highwaymen, and opportunists of Tudor Bath, The Hideout is a whisky and cocktail den with a cosy vaulted feel, boasting over 300 whiskies and a highly creative, forward-thinking team with a passion for hip-hop — as featured at No.25 in the Top 50 Cocktail Bars in the UK!

Join them on 28 July from 5pm - 10pm as they take over Lyaness with a menu of signature Hideout faves, for one night only. 

Book your table here.


Perfect Afternoons

Saturday - Sunday

As the days get longer, brighter, and warmer, the Southbank gets busier. We’re lucky to be within walking distance of so many iconic London cultural institutions — Tate Modern, the Hayward, BFI, National Theatre — all of which have influenced “Perfect Afternoons” — the new weekend menu at award-winning Lyaness, that encourages you to take time to pause, connect, and indulge.

Dishes include English coastal oysters with Lyaness black currant mignonette, Space Raider devilled eggs and pan con tomate, with cocktails that suit that time of day — clean, bittersweet, or bright, but with just the right complexity.

Choose from five small plates and five cocktails, priced at £30 for two drinks and two dishes, 12pm – 4pm every Saturday and Sunday, ideally suited to reflect on the day’s experiences, and to watch the people pass along the river.

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How about treating someone special to cocktails for two at Lyaness? Choose two cocktails per person from our award-winning menu whilst you sit back and enjoy with stunning river views of the Thames. 

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